Why Attend?

Every year, you must choose among many different options for travel conferences, workshops, and fam trips. Why should you pick the Romance Travel University?

We’re the largest travel industry conference that focuses specifically on the BUSINESS side of romance travel. Check the schedule – this event isn’t built around supplier-led presentations that are basically commercials for their companies (we have webinars for that) or hotel site inspections (we have fam trips for that). Instead, you’ll learn the secrets of building a stable, profitable romance travel business! We want you to learn the skills and strategies you need once you return home to grow your sales and your client base.

Our conference offers tons of training led by agents who sell romance travel. You’ll see that our seminars and workshops are led by successful DWHSA agents who work with couples and sell romance travel every day. You can feel confident that you’re learning tips and techniques that these agents use in their own businesses! (We love our agent-friendly suppliers, but we don’t allow them generally to speak at this conference so that we can put the emphasis on agents.) Plus, we offer MORE ROMANCE TRAVEL TRAINING HOURS than any other conference – and, we have seminars that will help you no matter where you are in your business, whether you’re just getting started in this niche or you’ve been selling honeymoons and destination weddings for many years.

You’ll meet face to face with the world’s leading romance travel suppliers and destinations. It’s easy to get lost in a typical trade show crowd – but, shows built on one-to-one appointments don’t always allow you to see the suppliers you want. We think we’ve found the “sweet spot” with our conference:  small-group appointments where you’ll visit suppliers with a handful of other agents to get their latest updates and ask questions! You’ll have the chance to request appointments (the earlier you register, the higher priority your requests will have!) – then, during the conference, we’ll have open hours so you can visit those suppliers who didn’t get on your appointment schedule.

You can build a strong network of contacts with other romance travel specialists just like you. This conference draws a wide range of agents from all parts of North America and at all levels from outside agents to agents running their own solo businesses or large host agencies. Over three jam-packed days, you’ll make lots of new friends who’re facing the same challenges you are as you build your businesses – contacts you can stay in touch with after the conference!

NOTE:  The Romance Travel University is open to all agents eager to work in this niche – both DWHSA members and non-member agents. You do not need to belong to DWHSA to attend this conference. (In fact, we’ll offer you a discounted dues rate after the event if you decide you’d like to join!)