Wedding Planners

For the first time in 2018, the Romance Travel University is now open to wedding planners! If you’re a wedding consultant or planner who’s interested in learning more about destination weddings and other types of romance travel (especially if you’d like to learn the benefits of partnering with a DWHSA agent so that you can focus on the ceremony aspects of destination weddings and vow renewals), we strongly encourage you to attend this event!

Here’s the link for the standard registration form for wedding planners.

If you plan to stay at the host hotel, we’ll gladly extend you a special discount on the registration fee (a $70 savings!). Here’s the form you can use if you book your stay at the host hotel using DWHSA’s room block.

And, if you are a Las Vegas-based wedding planner, we can extend this discount to you as well, thanks to a special arrangement with the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority (LVCVA)! You may pay the $199 discounted registration rate because you are locally based. Here’s the link for your form as sponsored by LVCVA!